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Our vision

We’re a passionate and committed team, unified by our mission to build the most enabling SOW services software in the UK. Possibly even the world.


We’ll achieve this by empowering businesses with the right tools, knowledge and compliant processes to meet the needs of future workforces.


Every day, we’re searching for new ways to inspire service procuring and providing organisations to enable the work they do to be even more successful.


It sounds dramatic, but we’re aiming to revolutionise the industry, bit by bit. Many businesses already benefit from our service, many more will follow.


When you’re ready to evolve your business and work with a team that will support you along the way – join us.

Our story

SOWaaS is owned and run by Aardent who are experts in helping organisations to win, deliver and scale high value outcome-based projects and programmes, often using SOWs as the contract of choice.


SOWaaS came to life after helping numerous organisations across the Globe build their own highly effective, profitable and compliant consultancy and statement of work solutions.


Recognising the need to enable organisations (and workforces) be more effective in procuring and providing these types of services, along with the need to better manage the outcomes and performance, we developed SOWaaS.

Using our decades of experience, SOWaaS was built to support any part of the supply chain to achieve more success, save time and improve ROI on any given project or outcome.

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