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Empowering Independent Contractors

Supporting Independent professionals, gig workers and freelance contractors to provide greater value, better outcomes and ensure slicker sign-off from clients, SOWaaS is FREE for life*

Independent workers provide much needed flexible and scalable expertise to organisations across the Globe.
SOWaaS supports the future of working as it shifts further towards a blend of outcomes and performance oriented goals, with a potential for remote delivery. 
To support this evolution, SOWaaS will always be available, in full and free for life* to better equip this workforce in successfully delivering outcome-based assignments.



Free for Life*

Service Usage Fees:

*0.95% of 

Monthly Contract Revenue beyond £12,500

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Lucrative Referral Bonuses

Sales Collateral

 'Independent Contractors' only

See below for definition

All prices and values quoted exclude VAT at 20%

Contractor clarifications

Monthly Contract Revenues

The aggregate value of business billed to your Customers through SOWaaS per calendar month.​

Referral Bonuses

Should one of your clients want to use SOWaaS for themselves, and you refer them to us, you will be entitled to lucractive commercial rewards as recognition of your support.

Sales Collateral

We provide pre-prepared material to demonstrate the benefits and value SOWaaS will provide to your customers which can be reused freely to help your customers recognise the truly independent status and performance you are providing.

Independent Contractors

Our definition of Independent Contractors is any business with a sole person operating as an indiviudal consultant through a legal entity (Ltd Co etc.) to provide their expertise and services to a client organisation. This will be a B2B engagement between Contractor and Client.