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Empowering Independent Contractors

Supporting Independent professionals, gig workers and freelance contractors to provide greater value, better outcomes and ensure slicker sign-off from clients, SOWaaS is FREE for life*

Independent workers provide much needed flexible and scalable expertise to organisations across the Globe.
SOWaaS supports the future of working as it shifts further towards a blend of outcomes and performance oriented goals, with a potential for remote delivery. 
To support this evolution, SOWaaS will always be available, in full and free for life* to better equip this workforce in successfully delivering outcome-based assignments.



Free for Life*

Service Usage Fees:

*0.95% of 

Monthly Contract Revenue beyond £12,500

+ + +

SOWaaS Guidance Videos

Free Terms, SOW & NDA

Lucrative Referral Bonuses

Sales Collateral

 'Independent Contractors' only

See below for definition

All prices and values quoted exclude VAT at 20%

Contractor clarifications
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