Innovative technology,

driving revenue and delivering value

The SOWaaS platform is specifically designed to support businesses consume or provide services via statement of work (SOW) engagements

Scope & Solution

Capture service requirements and generate a proposal outlining the solution design, benefits and expected outcomes. Select and engage internal resource or external suppliers to support the solution design phase and kick-start service delivery activity.


Quickly and easily create client and/or supplier contract documentation within the platform. Submit for legal and commercial review to ensure terms are robust and fit for purpose.

Governance & Compliance

Authorisation and sign-off process establishes a best practice environment and promotes accountability. Achieve a clear outside IR35 determination for all services deployed using a true Statement of Work (SOW) framework.

Highly cost effective and efficient software

SOWaaS provides full orchestration of the outcome-based project lifecycle, enabling SOW procurers or providers to supercharge service excellence


Promote open and clear communication between internal and external stakeholders. In-app messaging and notifications drive speed and efficiency through sales, design and delivery phases of your Statement of Work (SOW) service provision.

Project Variation

Track, monitor and approve variations to any scope, outcome or service requirement. Enabling quicker, more efficient management of change requests with clients or suppliers for improved success, accuracy and profitable delivery of services.

Outcome Focused Delivery

Automate milestone and delivery reporting to measure and manage service outcomes. Communicate these outcomes to your client and suppliers so all parties are aligned on progress and future activities.

Evolving independent expertise

into performance players

SOWaaS provides a wide range of essential features to drive successful commercial, financial and legal outcomes for providers of expertise and performance delivery

Business Development

Model and develop project & service opportunities to assess revenue, ROI and profit across a range of engagements. Management view of development pipeline to monitor client activity and opportunity performance.


Internally measure allocated teams or the utilisation of external suppliers against project deliverables. Simple to monitor and manage so costs don't spiral and profitability is safeguarded.


Create event or time driven invoicing within the Platform to accurately align costs and activity. Generate client or supplier invoices in line with delivery outcomes. Send these out directly or upload to your accounting system.

Education & Training

Rapid knowledge building to upskill resources and teams to generate highly effective and commercially optimal SOW services via inclusive training resources. Continuously improve the performance of personnel involved in the development, design and delivery of services by utilising SOWaaS educational materials.