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Pay as you go pricing

Our Clients love our pricing because it scales with sales activity and costs a fraction of the value generated for your Recruitment Business

Licence Fee £99.00​

per month or £999.00 annually in advance​


Statement of Work Fee £3.95​

 per SOW per day​

Optional Services​

SOW Review £49.95 per SOW​

SOW Service Management £9.95 per SOW per day​

Digital Education (contact us)​

Digital Strategy (contact us)​

Loyalty Pricing Scheme

*Discount applied to all prices except Licence Fee


Total SOWaaS costs represent as little as 0.9% of contract revenues

SOWaaS Pricing Calculator

Pricing explained

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work is required between you and each Contractor/Supplier (per unique assignment). You will also require at least one SOW between you and your Customer (depending on the number of Services you are providing).​ A Statement of Work (SOW) document (also known as a 'Service'), whether it's a Customer SOW, Supplier SOW, or Internal SOW will only start to incur a daily fee 7 days after it has been created in SOWaaS.
After these first 7 days have passed, or the SOW has been submitted for management review, whichever is soonest, a fee will apply at the prevailing daily rate.

SOW Review

A SOW Review service providing expert assessment (legal, commercial and financial coverage) incurs a one-off fee per submission.

SOW Service Management

The management of all elements of the delivery on behalf of the Service provider, i.e. the Recruitment Business, covers the tracking and reporting of key deliverables and milestones. The Service Management function provides assurance, governance and compliance – capturing Service and project status, managing RAID logs, budget information and key knowledge from Suppliers.​ Customer and Supplier Invoicing activity and Finance performance is also tracked, managed and communicated.​ Strong Service management creates confidence and trust, leading to opportunities for additional revenue and margin growth through increased sales activity.​

Monthly Contract Revenues

The aggregate value of business billed to your Customers through SOWaaS per calendar month.​ Monthly contracted revenues will determine the level of discount received. This will be reflected in your monthly SOWaaS invoice.

SOWaaS Costs

0.9% illustration based on £2,000,000 of annual contract revenues.​

Pricing example

A recruitment business with annual contract revenues of £1,200,000 (equivalent to x8 deployed contractors) will receive a SOWaaS loyalty discount of 20%, resulting in the following costs:

*Total SOWaaS costs represent 0.95% of contract revenues

All prices and values quoted exclude VAT at 20%


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