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Unique technology built for you by industry experts

Our software platform was over 18 months in the making.


We’ll confess that in our search for perfection we abandoned our first build in favour of an even better team and technology.


With the backend application built in ASP.NET Core we have enterprise ready development tools at our disposal.


The frontend is written in React JS for speed, flexibility, performance, usability and mobile app development.


Adopting an “App” layer design approach and using a Platform as a Service fully managed solution, our databases are multi-tenanted to ensure data segregation between customers and robust data access controls.


Identity management / authorisation controls give the correct access to legitimate users of the system.


Role based access controls enable bespoke functionality for each user dependant on theirs needs and duties.


Audit logging all actions within the system will be logged to an audit log, for transparent tracking of users.


The privacy and protection of commercially sensitive data businesses and personally identifiable information regarding individuals is of paramount importance.


We ensure data is protected from unauthorised access and the correct technical processes are in place to deal with Data Subject Requests and that data retention policies are defined and enforced.


We have strong backup and recovery protocols in place to ensure that data in the systems that Aardent manages are backed up in a secure and robust manner. This will ensure that in the event of a disaster that continuity can be restored quickly.


Excellent DevOps process was followed for both our frontend and backend systems to ensure code was deployed in an automated, accurate and secure way.


Clear and concise technical documentation paves the way for rapid bug fixes and progressive and effective forward looking development cycles.

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